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Meet Kate Szal, NP

Contouring By Kate was founded in 2020 in the South End of Boston by Kate to provide superior contouring and appearance enhancement services to the men and women of the neighborhood. Kate has practiced as a Nurse Practitioner for over 14 years. Her medical training and aesthetic sensibility have helped her become one of the best Coolsculpting treatments providers in Boston. Before opening Contouring By Kate, Kate performed thousands of Coolsculpting treatments at a medical practice outside of Boston. She’s completed the Masters and MBA Certifications by Allergan. Kate also offers PHYSIQ, Botox, Dermal Fillers, and KYBELLA®.

It all began about 5 years ago when Kate had a Coolsculpting treatment performed on her stomach. Having been an avid athlete her entire life, she was embarrassed by the persistent belly fat despite diet and exercise. She was amazed by the results of that Coolsculpting treatment and knew she had to start performing these treatments so that she helps others improve their appearance.

After perfecting her Coolsculpting and contouring skills, she knew it was time to offer these services in the neighborhood she calls home, Boston’s South End, where she has lived for over 10 years.

Coolsculpting, PHYSIQ, Botox & More.

Once you’ve decided to have a body contouring treatment, the next step is to find the right practitioner. Many people, even athletes, have at least one stubborn spot that workouts can’t touch.

Kate helps you select the customized series of treatments that are right for you. Her experience and knowledge of the procedures combined with her medical background and excellent listening skills help you reach your appearance goals and desired results.

boston coolsculpting procedures, botox, kybella, emsculpt, fillers
boston coolsculpting procedures, botox, kybella, emsculpt, fillers

South End’s Coolest New Medspa.

Contouring By Kate provides a comfortable and private treatment environment. Once you arrive, Kate explains the details of your procedure, so you know what to expect. Questions are welcome. We want every client to invest in body contouring at their own pace and within their budget. We never want you to feel pressured or rushed to make a decision.

Body contouring continues to evolve, and we’re evolving with the industry. We have new applicators designed to treat new areas of the body and reduce treatment times. We have invested in the latest and fastest applicators to treat all areas of the body and expedite your results!

Coolsculpting and Emsculpt are not a replacement for diet and exercise. They were designed for people with stubborn pockets of fat and suboptimal muscle tone. We always encourage our clients to continue with a healthy lifestyle to optimize treatments and overall health.

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